Morevox has released 16TH, a new multitrack drum loop library for the Auria mobile music production app by WaveMachine Labs.

This library features basic sixteenth-note patterns that are perfect for building any kind of sixteenth-note-based drum parts, and contain tempo information for automatic tempo matching inside Auria.

Each loop consists of 7 individual tracks for customized mixing and processing, and includes variations, fills, and cymbal hits. Over 300MB of 24-bit audio files in Apple Loop format.

16TH features

  • Includes 10 main loops (with up to five variations each), 20 fills, 3 additional cymbals, 2 end hits.
  • Apple Loop format with tempo information (basic tempo 130bpm).
  • 445 files for a total of 330MB Apple Loop AIFF files.
  • Loop variation and fill is comprised of these separate tracks: Kick, snare, hihat, toms, cymbals, room, full stereo mix.

16TH is available as an in-app purchase in all Auria edition stores. A stereo-only version is also available (included for free in the multitrack version).

More information: Morevox / 16TH for Auria