Morevox has announced the release of GoldenGlue, a collection of “Warm, Deep and Smooth” impulse responses by Sabino Cannone for WaveMachine Labs Auria.

GoldenGlue has been created – through the custom MoReVoX IR development process – capturing real studio routings to multiple fx chains using mostly analog gear.

Its unparalleled density allows to wrap the dry sounds and sit them easily in your mix with a supernatural creamy spaciousness.

It features 200 unique Impulse Response (divided into four categories: Drums & Percussions, Guitars, Keyboards and Voices) and it’s suitable for the kind of music.

GoldenGlue for Auria is available as an in-app purchase priced at $5.99 USD.

More information: Morevox / GoldenGlue