Morevox has announced the release of Multitrack Loops Vol. 1, a new multitrack drum library for the Auria multitrack recording app by WaveMachine Labs.

The MoReVoX Multitrack Loops pack is a quick and easy to use drum-loop library suitable for both Rock and Pop. And because each loop is presented in a multitrack format you have complete control over the entire library!

Thanks to the Apple Loop format and Auria’s automatic tempo matching features you can easily insert and use all the loops and fills together without any limitations. The multitrack format also allows you to access each instrument of the loop for separate processing through Auria’s mixer. Recorded and mixed at MoReVoX Studio, Multitrack Loops is a must have for every music producer using Auria.

Multitrack Loops Vol 1 features

  • 23 Main Loops (with up to three variations each)
  • 18 Fills
  • 3 Additional Cymbals
  • Apple Loop Format with tempo information
  • 387 Files for a total of 215MB Apple Loop AIFF files
  • Each Loop, Variation and Fill is comprised of these separate tracks: Kick, Snare, HiHat, Toms, Cymbals, Room.

The library is available through the AURIA inApp Store.

More information: Morevox / Multitrack Loops Vol 1