Morevox has announced the release of R-TYPE, an impulse response library for WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro, inspired by the sound of the classic hardware reverberation units from 80’s & 90’s.

We have synthesized some of the most significant behaviors of those units to achieve, through the custom MoReVoX IR development process, a collection of reverbs that can be defined as a “New Classic Sound”.

R-Type sounds not only close to the old glories but the custom MoReVoX process drived it to a new level of warm and rich denseness. The Collection is available in four virtual expansion cards containing 110 IR each: Halls, Plates, Chambers, Ambiences & Special

The Impulse Responses are sorted by length from the shorter to the longer to make the selection easier. Each Card contains also a very small amount of creative IRs, they are great to spur the creativity. All the Impulse Responses as ever are been tested in Real Mix Sessions.

R-Type is Unique; If you are looking for some inspiring 80s/90s reverb sounds with an unparalleled modern attitude, this library is right up your street!

R-TYPE is available as an Auria Pro in-app purchase, priced at $2.99 USD.

More information: Morevox / R-TYPE