Morevox RetroVerb 3

Morevox has announced an update to RetròVerb 3, the innovative impulse response library designed to create warm and deep reverberation textures.

All Logic users can now enjoy the unparalleled Retroverb 3 sound directly in their sessions without tedious import processes.

MoReVoX RetròVerb 3 sounds like a New Top Class Rev Hardware Unit with an ORIGINAL TOP SOUND QUALITY. MoReVoX RetròVerb contains exclusive Real Spaces Reverbs IRs, Real Vintage Plates IRs, Vintage Reverberation Units IRs and Custom Made MoReVoX IRs.

RetròVerb 3 features

  • 450 high quality IRs, 24bit/44.1kHz format:
    • Halls — 30 Real Halls and Churches plus some mixed IRs.
    • Rooms & Chambers — 30 Plates from EMT140 and mixed from most popular Hardware.
    • Plates — A large selection (40) of hi definition Rooms and Chambers — Real and Hardware).
    • Large Spaces — A collection of 25 real venues and mixed -hardware IRs with gtreat deepness andstereo width.
    • Surround — 50 Surround IRs (4.0/5.0) subdivided into Halls/Plates/Rooms ideal for Post-Production and Music.
    • Classic Drive — EXCLUSIVE !! 250 IRs subdivided into Halls/Plates/Rooms/Chambers/RoomyPlates/Sounding Venues/Sustained sampled to Analog Tapes for an UPARALLELED Solid Low end/Rich Mids/Creamy Hi end IRs Sound.
    • Combo-Amb — 25 explosive ambience and combo delayed ambiences designed to create “in face” vox sound and aggressive gtrs.
  • All the IRs are edited and mastered in M/S mode to guarantee an extraordinary sound definition and spaciousness.
  • Fully compatible with all convolution reverb plug-ins.

RetròVerb 3 is available to purchase for $99 USD. The upgrade from 1.x/2.x is $39 USD.

A Free Edition including 10 impulse responses is available to download from the Morevox website.

More information: Morevox / RetròVerb 3