MOTU has released MachFive 2, a Universal Sampler for Mac and Windows.

MOTU MachFive 2

New in MachFive 2

Universal Compatibility – MachFive 2 is available in all major plug-in formats for Mac OS X and Windows, plus as a standalone application. Run MachFive 2 cross-platform on your G5 or Intel Mac, or on the latest Windows PC with 32 and 64 bit XP or Vista.

Universal Sound Management – MachFive 2 effortlessly handles samples and synthesis, loops and instruments. Use the included 32 GB of sounds, or load third-party sounds natively without conversion. Umlimited parts mean you’ll always have room for more, and with disk streaming you can manage them with ease.

Advanced editing that retains simplicity – With its simple one-window design, MachFive 2 keeps everything in your reach, yet provides deep editing tools. Easily manage unlimited parts with unlimited keygroups and layers in a single window, using up to 256 MIDI channels and 200 discrete audio outputs (depends on host). Use the new expanded and full screen editors to attend to every detail.

Loop Lab – Drag & drop import/export, beat slicing, MIDI mapping, time stretching, and advanced pitch shifting take your loops to the next level.

Layers and Rules – Layers add a whole new dimension to your sounds. Organize, sort, and stack your sounds, and create dynamic performances using Layer Rules. Third-party multi-dimension formats like Gigasampler load effortlessly with all of their rules.

Mixer – MachFive 2’s Mixer view provides the tools for a comprehensive mixdown environment. Quickly adjust levels, panning, audio outputs, MIDI inputs, add effects, and configure aux sends for multiple parts.

FX – Use dozens of effects ranging from pristine convolution reverb to gritty distortion to multi-band processors, with hundreds of included presets or your own. Graphical control for plug-ins makes finding that perfect setting easy. Save up to four effects in a single preset with multi FX for quick recall.

Advanced Sound Design – MachFive 2’s sound design is powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use. Adjust all keygroups with one move, or create unique settings for every keygroup. Take advantage of filters, LFOs, AHDSR and multi-point envelopes, effects, and much more to carefully craft your sound. And with MIDI automation and modulation for nearly every parameter, the depth of control is staggering.

Multi-point envelopes – Multi-point envelopes with unlimited breakpoints allow for highly customizable modulation. Sync your envelopes to your host tempo, and save & recall presets of favorite envelopes.

Synthesis – MachFive 2 seamlessly combines samples and synthesis in a unified environment. Use traditional oscillators (sine, saw, square, and more) or an advanced organ emulator.

Surround – Edit multi-channel samples and loops and place your sounds in a surround environment from quad to 5.1 up to 7.1, for a truly immersive experience.

MachFive 2 upgrade from previous version is $195.00, but if you purchased MachFive 1 on or after January 20, 2005, you may be eligable for a free upgrade.

Visit MOTU for more information.