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Mozaic Beats updates AutoTheory to v2.0


Mozaic Beats has released version 2.0 of AutoTheory, an open arpeggiation system for Windows and Mac.

Mozaic Beats AutoTheory 2

The upgrade includes a new Chord Memory function, multiple workflow enhancements, more options for existing parameters and more flexibility for advanced users.

Changes in AutoTheory v2.0

  • Chord Memory – Easily create matching melodies over a pre-existing Chord Progression. Just set a chord progression loop in the Chord Memory section and sync it up with your DAW. The Melody Lock will then automatically adapt to the current chord being played.
  • Transport Function – Control the transport functions of your DAW through the AutoTheory GUI. This is very helpful for those using a qwerty keyboard. Transport functions also facilitate the Chord Memory sync function.
  • Root Output – All Chord Generator outputs now have the capacity for Root tone output. This is nice for having a bass instrument play alongside your chord progression.
  • Bypass Function – Disable AutoTheory and switch your keyboard controller back to its normal state with the push of a button.
  • Chromatic Scale Mapping – Allows for advanced users to keep all twelve Melody Lock tones in their natural positions, while taking advantage of the Chord Generator.
  • Dropdown Menus for Global Parameters – Easily navigate through all key, scale and mapping parameters.
  • Improved Strum Functions – The strum parameter now facilitates Alternate and Random directions.
  • Added Global Chord Types – Power Chords have been added, as well as new inversions and voicings.

AutoTheory is available for $44.99 USD as part of its Summer Sale. The update is free for all previous owners.

More information: Mozaic Beats

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