MPC-Samples and BBoyTech have announced the release of The Vintage 73 EP, a faithful multisampled reproduction of the iconic and much sought-after Fender Rhodes electric piano, optimized entirely for MPCs and Maschine.

Recorded using Corry’s own beautifully restored 1972 Fender Rhodes Mk1 (73 key suitcase model), we’ve perfectly captured the broad range of velocity-sensitive timbres and tones of this vintage classic by sampling 4 unique velocities for each and every note, providing an instrument recreation like you’ve never before experienced in an MPC.

From the distinctively rich and soulful bell like tones heard when playing softly, all the way up to the more aggressive raw tones at higher velocities, this unique MPC instrument perfectly translates the true sound of a real Rhodes to your pads.

There’s 292 samples in total all in standard WAV format along with a number of different programs precisely tailored for various samplers and operating systems including an MPC Software Expansion Pack for the MPC Renaissance/Studio/Element, a Maschine instrument, MPC5000 & MPC4000 keygroup programs and memory reduced versions for MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC500, JJOS and MPC2000/XL.
The Vintage 73 EP – without doubt the most authentic Fender Rhodes recreation ever made for the MPC.

The Vintage 73 EP is available for purchase for £16.99 GBP.

More information: MPC-Samples / The Vintage 73 EP