Analogue Solutions has announced the release of its first two table top effects units in the new synthBlocks series, which allow you to add analogue warmth, or extreme sound mangling to you music set-up.

The first synthBlocks release is Mr Hyde, an analogue filter effects box used for subtle to extreme filtering and modulation effects.

Analogue Solutions Mr Hyde

Mr Hyde has 1/4” input and output jacks on the rear, so it can be connected straight to a mixer or DAW audio interface without the need for adaptors. On the top panel are mini jack sockets to patch with a semi-modular synth, such as AS’s very own Fusebox, or to Eurorack and other modular systems.

Mr Hyde can change the sound in subtle ways, such as nice sweeping filtering, right up to mangled FM mayhem! Designed, engineered, and hand built in England.

Mr Hyde features

  • Multimode 12db analogue filter, featuring Low pass, High pass, Band pass, and Notch filters.
  • Resonance with Boost feature to make it self oscillate.
  • LFO with Triangle and Square wave signals.
  • Range switch, to bring the modulation speed into audio frequencies.
  • 1/4” and mini jack sockets for audio / CV input and output.
  • Small compact desktop site format. Will fit into your palm!
  • Exceptional build quality.

Joining Mr Hyde is Dr. Stranglelove, a compact, high quality analogue ring modulator, with analog LFO modulation, featuring a lo-fi echo.

Analogue Solutions Dr Strangelove

The ring mod itself does not have any controls as such, since a ring mod does not have parameters that can be altered — other than input and output levels. Just plug in audio cables and it does its thing!

Ring mods do need two audio sources, however — namely, the main signal to be processed (carrier) and the signal that will modulate the carrier (modulator).

Dr. Strangelove features

  • Analogue Ring Modulation with 2 audio inputs.
  • Analogue LFO that can go into audio range, with 2 waveforms.
  • Lo-fi Echo / Delay.
  • 1/4” audio inputs and outputs.
  • minijack (eurorack) audio & CV in / outs for direct connection to modulars.
  • Superior build quality.
  • Small footprint.

Both units are available now, priced at £255 GBP inc. UK VAT each.

More information: Analogue Solutions