MrTheBigMan has released a number of samplemaps for Reaktor, the modular studio software by Native Instruments.

Reaktor has become a staple tool in the arsenal that is mrthebigman, both in part to the music I produce and also the sample-packs I create.

I am in the process now of creating the next sample-pack in the E}Loops series called ‘E}Loops : X1′.

In regard to this I spent most of last night creating a set of sample-maps for Reaktor so that I could use a good few samples from E}Drums : Kit Arsenal to create the loops that will be available in the release.

Reaktor Samplemaps

  • 6 separate samplemaps.
  • 32 Kick samples.
  • 34 Snare samples.
  • 28 HiHat samples.
  • 32 Tom samples.
  • 24 Abstrakt sounds over two maps.

The download is “pay by tweet”.

More information: Multiples