Mucoder Tonespace

Mucoder has released version 2.0 of Tonespace, a different, more intuitive music keyboard, combined with a chorder.

By popular demand, tonespace 2.0 now includes Mac and Linux versions. Yes, you read that right! And since this required a complete rewrite from the ground up, I have taken advantage of this to clean up some stuff and also add some juicy new features. (I hope you will agree!)

Changes in Tonespace v2.0

  • Cross-platform support: Win32 (VST, standalone), MacOSX (VST, AU, standalone), Linux (native VST, standalone).
  • No host required: Standalone executable version for all platforms.
  • Generates its own sound. Integrated synth with PADSynth sound.
  • Quick start: Demo with built-in midi tracks.
  • Extra chord assist modes: play chord unrestricted (anywhere in grid), play restricted (chord root note must fit scale/key cell) or play filtered (chord notes not in scale/key are filtered out).
  • Better control over mouse cell triggering: retrigger notes when dragging across cell border, hold notes when dragging (use this with midi input) or hold notes until next click.
  • Hypercyclic and tonespace now share the same underlying modular engine.

Tonespace 2.0 beta is available to download at no cost.

More information: Mucoder / Tonespace