Reaktion Sound has announced the release of Mudron, a new Reaktor 6 instrument acting both as standalone sound generator and effect processor for audio sources.

Reaktion Sound Mudron

MUDRON – Dark Matter generator is based on a bank of modulated comb filters and it’s well suited to create drones, dark textures, ripples, glitches, noise and other disturbances from its internal sound engine or any audio source.

Create slow evolving soundscapes and join the dark side of the sound.

Mudron features

  • Rumble, Body, Color and Sparkle controls to adjust the frequency content of the sound.
  • Modulation (from 20sec long up to 10Hz).
  • Delay and Jitter.
  • Internal oscillator with Frequency and Beats controls.

Mudron is available for purchase for 12 EUR. Requires Reaktor 6.0 or higher, full version.

More information: Reaktion Sound / Mudron