Muse Research and Development has released VIP2, a new and improved entry-level model Rececptor. This new configuration features a 3.3GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of RAM (expandable to 16GB), and built-in compatibility with the PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL audio interface.

Muse Receptor VIP2

The Receptor VIP2 processor has massive amounts of L3 cache and is designed designed for superior performance when running virtual instruments and effects. The Receptor VIP2 runs the most popular VST plug-ins from companies like Synthogy, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Toontrack, IK Multimedia, U-He, Rob Papen, and hundreds of others with power to spare. Demanding plug-ins like Synthogy’s Ivory 2 can be run at the lowest latency settings and still achieve high polyphony. This is why so many serious touring musicians using Receptor for running their virtual instruments and effects live on stage.

The VIP2 features 8GB of system RAM, expandable up to 16GB. Because of the Receptor OS has an unbelievably small memory footprint the VIP2s use only 5% of the available system RAM for the OS and host app, compared to 40% used by the system in a typical computer. The result is 90% of the installed memory is used for musical purposes, letting a user manage huge sample libraries when compared to a laptop computer. The large amount of RAM also lets a user load multiple plug-ins into memory for instant access with Receptor’s “Live Mode” feature. Coupled with the 1TB, 7200RPM hard drive the VIP2 gets the data off the drive and through the sound engine with no clicking, coughing, sputtering or choking.

In addition to the MIDI jack and multiple USB ports for connecting keyboards, the Receptor VIP2 has full-size line-level inputs and outputs for connection to mixers, amps, or other audio gear with 24-bit, 96kHz audio performance. For even greater audio performance, you can connect a PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL interface increasing the number of outputs to 8 analog and 8 ADAT digital optical inputs and outputs, as well as S/PDIF stereo I/O for a total of 18 ins and outs. The inputs can accept microphones, guitars, basses, or other keyboards letting the Receptor VIP2 to become a central hub for mixing, processing, and generating sounds.

VIP2 ships with over $900 of virtual instruments and effects. You can start making music right out of the box thanks to the dozens of plug-ins that are pre-installed and ready to make music. Included are hundreds of pianos, synths, organs and acoustic instrument presets to choose from. In addition there are dozens of pre-installed plug-ins in demo mode that will let you experience that vast world of VST plug-ins and effects with minimal hassle. You can authorize and transition your VST’s to full use in a few simple steps.

Receptor VIP2 is available for purchase for $1,699 USD without the PreSonus interface, or $2,099 including the PreSonus interface. Options include a 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB Solid State Drives, as well as an additional 8GB of RAM to increase the system RAM to 16GB.

More information: Muse Research and Development / VIP2