Muse Research has announced the Receptor 2 Pro & Pro Max hardware plug-in players.

The NEW RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX are the smarter, faster, and better way to run your favorite virtual instruments and effects. They deliver the pure performance muscle you need whether you perform on stage, record in the studio, or compose for the screen.

Muse Research Receptor 2

Changes in Receptor 2

  • 50% more memory so you can load massive libraries and tons of sounds.
  • 2 times the processing power so you can run more plug-ins with less latency.
  • 3 times the hard drive throughput for more polyphony.
  • 10X the networking speed for improved UniWire™ performance and faster file transfers from your computer.
  • Includes hundreds of presets based on the Plugsound BOX collection of virtual instruments.

The Receptor 2 Pro & Pro Max are available now from major music retailers and online providers.

Visit Muse Research for more information.