Musesamples has released Authentic Guitar, a classical guitar sample library for Kontakt (24 Bit, mono).

Musesamples Authentic Guitar

From the Musesamples website:

A top classical concert guitar built in 1991 by Paulinho Bernabe (Madrid) was used to produce this first class Kontakt library in pristine 24 Bit quality called Authentic Guitar. Recorded with the best equipment suited for classical guitar this library gives the user all possible tools for premium realizing classical guitar emulation. A great classical guitar player with superb tone was involved in this project to make it succesfull as the production team wanted from the very start.

Authentic Guitar features

  • Unprecendented level of sound quality.
  • Overall warm natural sound, customizable guitar body sound.
  • Natural sustain and release in all samples.
  • Short loading time of the full library.
  • Superabundance of basic, usual articulations, many effects and unusual articulations.
  • Different tone colors in basic instruments.
  • Round Robin script where necessary.
  • Great expressiveness where needed.
  • Superb portamento under many circumstances.
  • Special flamenco techniques and sounds.
  • Possibility of constructing any strummed chord.
  • Sits very well in any mix, EQ tweakablity in many instruments (CC12/13).
  • Well thought-out order of instruments in the full “Authentic Guitar” bank.

Musesamples Authentic Guitar is available as a download for 129 EUR.

Visit Musesamples for more information.