A free online music production platform that brings together creative minds online, Audiotool has announced that it has reached 1 million created and published tracks, with 100 million of plays on Audiotool and billions of plays on Spotify, Youtube, TikTok, Soundcloud and other platforms.

The cloud-based digital audio workstation (DAW) runs in any browser, making it easy for anyone to create tracks without expensive software. Users can then share them without the complexity of exporting stems or zipping and uploading files. Everyone is on the same level playing field, whether they are using a Chromebook in their school library or have access to a high-end laptop and speakers.

Inspiration and inclusivity are built in. Users create a music production canvas by selecting their preferred mix of digital synths, drum machines and effects. They can then choose to invite someone to collaborate on a project and engage with them over video chat, audio messaging or text. Creators can make music together in real-time, collaborate together at different times or share their work for feedback and input. Since connections are based on invitations, everyone has complete choice and control over who to work with. Beginners can also choose to open tracks created by pros to learn how they were put together.

Andreas Jacobi, co-founder and CEO of Audiotool, said, “Music creation was always meant to be social. Electronic music made it possible for anyone to be creative but software has tended to be locked down onto individual machines, making it a lonely process. We’re on a mission to remove barriers to collaboration – with Audiotool you don’t need any specific hardware and it’s free to use.”

Audiotool users have harnessed the platform to make music creation more collaborative, enjoyable, and accessible, as well as a springboard to fuel their ambitions. Without access to a laptop at home, teenage producer Almighty Quise created “Uno” using a school computer in Watts, California – generating over 50 million Spotify streams and 55 million YouTube views. Hundreds of other Audiotool music creators spanning a range of musical genres have also gone on to sign with record labels.

Daniel Rowland is an Audiotool co-founder who has produced music with artists including Nine Inch Nails, Seal and Jhené Aiko, in addition to working on dozens of soundtracks for Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and John Wick. Commenting on the announcement Daniel said, “Audiotool empowers people who might not normally have been able to make music. It lowers the barriers of entry whether those might be related to finances, technology or knowledge. It makes it easier for anyone to get in the door of making music and then grow and evolve by collaborating with others. I see a huge similarity with the growth of Esports, which brought communities of people together around their passion. Bridging those two worlds is a big focus for us.”

“Musical collaboration has been restricted by location and hardware. With Audiotool, Andreas and his team have created a powerful, cloud-based platform that extends the ability to collaborate with anyone around the world,” said Sanjay Reddy, co-founding partner of Unlock Venture Partners, Audiotool’s lead investor.

“Andreas is no newcomer to media focused cloud-based software solutions. As investors in his previous company, Make.TV, we’ve already seen him succeed by enabling news, sport and esports companies to deliver live events to millions of viewers around the world with cloud based live video software. We have full confidence that he and his team will now successfully deliver a similar step-change in seamless, collaborative music production at low latency.”

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