MusicDevelopments has announced an update to the RapidComposer unique, non-destructive, phrase-based music prototyping software designed for composers, songwriters and musicians of all musical styles.

Version 4.3 of RapidComposer features a new hardware accelerated rendering engine with retina and high-DPI display support, native Apple M1 support, smooth scrolling and 128 channels offered in the AU synth plugin, as well as many other improvements.

Create great sounding chord progressions, use piano-style phrases even if you’ve never touched a piano, auto-harmonize melodies, get chord suggestions, load MIDI files with chord detection, use the chord palette or the “circle of fifths” chart, RapidComposer will always assist you in songwriting.

Changes in RapidComposer v4.3

  • New UI engine with hardware acceleration, retina display support and smooth scrolling.
  • [macOS] Apple M1 is natively supported.
  • [macOS] AU synth plug-in supports 128 MIDI channels.
  • Dragging and dropping selected chords on the master track is possible.
  • Reworked chord rules editor toolbar.
  • New MIDI import setting: Import MIDI markers as chords.
  • New variation: Insert Connecting Notes.
  • New variation: Insert Connection To Next Phrase.
  • ‘Learn’ functionality in Markov Melody generator: drop a monophonic MIDI file or a phrase on the Learn button!.
  • Cosmetic changes on the Markov Melody UI, a missing option added.
  • Tolerance option added to Join Notes.
  • Phrase variations: ‘Remove Note’ variation improvements: specify number of notes/events for ‘Random notes’ and ‘Random times’.
  • [Plug-ins] New playback option: ‘Sync playback to host’.
  • Shortcuts Ctrl-Z/Cmd-Z and Ctrl-Y/Cmd-Y work in the Phrase Editor.
  • Chord rules are looked up for church modes and chromatic scale (when unlocked), not just for major and minor scales.
  • Last edited rules are saved and restored between sessions.
  • Lower case is used for labels.
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed silent or swallowed notes at the beginning of a loop for local playback: usage of ‘all notes off’ removed.
  • [macOS][Plug-ins] Crash fixed when right clicking on a phrase magnet.
  • [Windows] Installer updated.

RapidComposer, Melodya and Syne are available at a 40% discount during a Holiday Sale until December 31st, 2021.

More information: MusicDevelopments