MusicDevelopments releases RapidComposer

MusicDevelopments RapidComposer

MusicDevelopments has released RapidComposer, a rapid music prototyping software designed for composers, song-writers and musicians of all musical styles.

Imagine an innovative software environment where you have access to everything you need during composition at your fingertips:

  • EXTENSIVE DATABASES of scales, chords, chord progressions, phrases, instruments, song templates
  • INTUITIVE EDITOR with incredible editing capabilities where you can edit the structure, chords, phrases and all other aspects of the composition in a non-destructive way. All phrases and notes automatically conform to the current chord and scale.
  • TOOLS for generating phrases, creating sophisticated motifs using the dozens of built-in phrase variations, assigning chord progressions, manually editing phrases and chord progressions, filling lines/verses with phrases and variations, even generating a multi-track composition based on your rules!
  • VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS – you can use your existing VSTi plugins and soundfont (.sf2) files

RapidComposer features

  • Advanced tools for phrase editing, phrase generation, phrase grouping, motif development, chord progression editing.
  • 2D view of the composition with structure editor as opposed to 1D view of DAW applications.
  • Intuitive drag and drop environment (you can drop chords, progressions, scales, phrases, instruments to the composition).
  • Extensive scale, chord, guitar chord databases.
  • Instrument management with the capability of adding tags to instruments that allows the composer to find an instrument by tag.
  • The IdeaTool generates a multitrack composition based on the parameters and rules that you specify.
  • Unlimited undo and the ability to make several versions of the same composition.
  • Virtual instruments (VSTi v2.4 plugins) support.
  • SoundFont (.SF2) support.

RapidComposer is available for a limited time introduction offer of $395 USD.

More information: MusicDevelopments

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why on earth is it so expensive? what kind of musician has $395 lying around to just spend on some composition tools? ive been in software development for a long time, downloading the trial now, either this is going to blow my fckin mind or these guys are really taking the piss with the cost

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

That $395.00 is an Introductory price!

f. jorhe
f. jorhe

This software is too expensive. It closed abruptly no less than 10 times while I used the demo, the UI is horrendous also….It could be used to do some good work, but 395 is outrageous.