MusicDevelopments has announced version 3.3 of its RapidComposer, a rapid music prototyping software designed for composers, song-writers and musicians of all musical styles.

After 16 beta versions and more than 5 months of development version 3.3 was released today. This major update focuses on the workflow with chords and chord progressions.

It features redesigned chord palette with Chord Builder and Circle of Fifths, immediate chord suggestions on the master track (suggestions by rules, borrowed chords, chord substitutions), new chord progression editor integrated into the Chord Selector, better chord progression generation using borrowed chords, improved audio support, improved drag-and-drop and many other improvements.

Changes in RapidComposer v3.3

  • Redesigned chord palette, Chord Builder and Circle of Fifths added.
  • New, improved progression editor built into the Chord Selector, “Progression Editor” tab was removed.
  • The chord progression generator can use borrowed chords for more interesting progressions.
  • New configurable ‘Quick Suggestions’ pop-up that offers chord suggestions, borrowed chords, chord substitutions, displays chords on scale and chord builder.
  • Improved workflow when editing master track chords. It is easy to enter chords from computer or MIDI keyboard.
  • ‘Circle OF Fifths’ available for master track chords.
  • Built-in Quick Start Tutorial.
  • Improved audio file support: 16/24/32-bit signed/unsigned PCM or single precision floating point (mono or stereo) WAV/AIFF files can be loaded without limitation for the sampling rate.
  • Double-click on an audio track will let you quickly import an audio file.
  • MIDI file drag and drop improvements: drop files on master track, hold Ctrl to insert chord-relative phrases, trimming empty bars.
  • One-click phrase preview can be activated at the top of the phrase browser (‘play’ icon).
  • 20 other new features and improvements. See more details in the version history.

In celebration of the update, RapidComposer is on sale at a 30% discount until September 10th, 2017. During the sale, RapidComposer is $139 USD and RapidComposer LE is $55 USD.

More information: MusicDevelopments