Musicrow Golden Ensembles 3

Musicrow has announced Golden Ensembles 3, a collection of 44 ensembles for the Reaktor 5 software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Golden Ensembles 3 now includes the two mega-synths, Ebola and Cobra, the new Bass Lab bass machine, and many other impressive synthesizers and instruments. In addition, it contains classic processor emulations like Crow Tape Echo and Plate Reverb, and unique sound design tools such as the new Sound Pilot, Executer, and White FX. Everything is packed, with hundreds of presets ready to be used.

Changes in Golden Ensembles 3

  • Sound Pilot, a new breed of audio tool that blurs the difference between a sound processor and a sound generator. It is not an effect. It is not a synthesizer. It’s both: a sound processor that produces synthesized effects.
  • Bass Lab 2, a dedicated bass synthesizer that uses powerful oscillators, super fast envelopes, a transient shaper, a bass booster, extended distortion section and other special features -for the creation of a vast range of fat and punchy electronic bass sounds.
  • Analogica filter offers high quality analog filter emulation, with a distinctive warm character. It combines a very intuitive interface, with many useful extra features and modulation options.
  • Phase Lab, a special tool for phase correction and comb filtering elimination. It is also a great creative tool for sound shaping, where you can radically change the tonal color of your sound by changing its phase settings (Instead of using an equalizer).
  • Green Master Tape, a new 1/4 inch tape machine emulator that brings the typical characteristics of analog tapes to your digital studio.
  • Other ensembles were deeply revised with new features, sonic improvements, a new GUI and many new presets and sounds.

Golden Ensembles 3 is available to purchase for the introductory price of 99 EUR through April 2012 (regular 169 EUR). Users of previous versions can upgrade to Golden Ensembles 3 for 49 EUR.

More information: Musicrow / Golden Ensembles