Mutools MU.LAB

Mutools has released version 3.2.5 of MU.LAB, a hi-quality music application for Mac and Windows, transforming your computer into a complete music studio.

Highlights in MU.LAB v3.2.5

  • Fixed: Sonic bug when re-loading preset loop info from AIFF or WAVE files.
  • Fixed: Some changes of 3.2.4 where not properly compiled into the OSX version.
  • More smooth level meters. (v3.2.4)
  • Added a “Refresh Overview” shortcut function for audio files for in case it’s needed. (v3.2.4)
  • Fine tuned the conditions for when an audio file overview should be recreated. (v3.2.4)
  • “Reset Graphic Resources” now is a shortcuttable application context function. This is only relevant to skin developers. (v3.2.4)
  • Fixed: When loading AIFF or WAVE files, any preset loop is properly applied. (v3.2.4)
  • Fixed: When doing Audio Setup->Select Inputs/Outputs when the device had more than 32 ins/outs, there could be a crash. (v3.2.4)
  • Fixed: When opening a Rack editor while this rack was also visible in the Rack Desk, there could be a graphical issue with the level meter. (v3.2.4)
  • Fixed: When your system was already up and running for weeks without restart, there could be a graphical animation problem. (v3.2.4)
  • Fixed: Fixed a case where denormalizations could occur. (v3.2.4)

MU.LAB is available in three versions: MU.LAB FREE (free of charge), MU.LAB XT (25 EUR) and MU.LAB UL (75 EUR).

More information: Mutools