Mutools has released MuLab 7.2, an update to the music production software for Windows and Mac, featuring a new Grain Player module and many more improvements.

Mutools MuLab 7

MuLab is an inspiring music studio for Mac OSX and Windows featuring an integrated top-quality modular synth and effect engine.

MuLab is an easy and rock-solid tool designed to create, record, edit and finalize your music!

Changes in MuLab 7.2

  • New Grain Player module.
  • New Sample DSP function “Normalize Dynamic”. This function can dynamically boost the audio level of samples. For example applied on drum samples this can give powerful sounds.
  • Improved transient detection algorithm.
  • MuSampla and MuDrum: Sample display shows the current play position.
  • Sample Player and Grain Player modules: Sample display shows the current play position.
  • Multi-Point Envelope: Editor now also shows a play cursor.
  • Project Browser: When using the Which field to make a search, now the result list is auto unfolded so that you can immediately see all found items.
  • Right-click on the Rack Desk and Browser buttons at the top of the project editor now allow to toggle between docked and windowed modes.
  • Faster loading of MUX synth presets.
  • Faster rendering of Multi-Form Oscillator waveforms.
  • Added protection against moving windows above the top of the screen so to avoid an unaccessible title bar.
  • Finetuned default preferences for the play position cursor: Smaller size, different color.
  • Text input: Typing characters could trigger shortcut functions for these characters, which is not intended in this case of course. Fixed.
  • Fixed a possible issue with the LFO -> Set Sine function.
  • When opening projects/presets using samples that have changed in length meanwhile, now any updated markers are reported for your info.
  • Project -> Revert didn’t report possible info messages. Fixed.
  • Windows: When the left-right mouse buttons are swapped, dragging didn’t properly work anymore. Fixed.
  • MacOS: Fixed a potential crash bug when searching for files, eg. in the project browser.

MuLab 7.2 is now available for download. A license of MuLab is available for purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: Mutools