MuTools MuLab 5

MuTools has updated its MuLab sound and music production system and MUX VST high-quality and super flexible modular synth and effect plug-in to version 5.1.5.

Changes in MuLab / MUX v5.1.5

  • Improved audio level compressor.
  • Extended support for different types of WAVE files.
  • Mixdown start-end is only set automatically on first time, after that it’s purely defined by the user.
  • Composer and Sequence Editor: Zoom Selection, Copy Time Zoom and Paste Time Zoom are now shortcuttable functions.
  • Rack naming: If loaded from a preset, the preset name has more priority than the first plug-in name.
  • New preset file function: “Unlink From Preset”.
  • Improved VST engine especially wrt VSTs that rely on timing info from the host.
  • Improved support for rack desk shortcuts when the rack desk is docked.
  • Added a bypass for a load problem in ToonTrack EZ Drummer.
  • Fixed a recent bug that could cause audio noises.
  • MUX VST now properly reports the effective host samplerate to VST plugins.
  • Fixed a little bug in the VST engine which could cause improper syncing between host and plug-in. (eg Kirnu Cream).
  • “Select Composition” function: When used via a shortcut, the popup list was displayed in the bottom-right corner. Fixed.
  • Audio File -> Create New Sample From Selection did not update the samplerate of the new sample. Fixed.
  • Fixed a little issue wrt the session editor window size when loading sessions that were saved with another editor window size.
  • Fixed an initialization bug that could have various consequences. One known consequence was that eg the Shortcut Map context functions were not listed in the shortcut target function list.
  • Extended log info for better diagnosing certain problems.

MuLab 5 is available to purchase staring at 29 EUR, MUX 5 UL costs 49 EUR.

More information: MuTools