MuTools has announced a new update for its MuLab music studio software and MUX Modular synth and effect plugin.

Version 7.6 includes a new Resonator module that resonates the incoming audio. The resonations can be played via keyboard or sequence.

Also new is the distinctive sounding “Chebyshev II” audio filter, which features high order lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop.

Various improvements include the Note Mapper module, which now supports full key range mapping.

Changes in MuLab & MUX Modular Plug-In v7.6

  • New Resonator module. Resonates the incoming audio and the resonations can be played via a keyboard or sequence.
  • New “Chebyshev II” audio filter featuring high order lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop.
  • Note Mapper module now also supports full key range mapping: Any of the 128 keys can be mapped to 0 to N out keys.
  • Note Mapper module now also supports key names which are shown in the sequence editor. This way the Note Mapper can also be used to remap complex drum sound setups.
  • Oscillator and Sample-Player modules now have a “Key Follow” parameter. Editable via the module context menu -> Edit Properties.
  • When using multiple noise generators in a patch it could be that they generated the exact same noise, which was not intended. Now each noise generator is as unique as possible.
  • Finetuned decreased size of the filter frequency response display.
  • Frequency response display now uses the Wave Fore Color instead of Top Color, which is consistent with the use of Wave Back Color.
  • Note Dispatcher module: Finetuned behavior so to decrease the chance that a module reset is needed in case you change the input connection while notes are being played to it.
  • Test Sine Oscillator: Improved behavior at the Nyquist frequency.
  • Finetuned VST engine: Even for VST 2.4 plugins the effFlagsCanReplacing is taken into account even though it is deprecated by the VST SDK.
  • MUX Modular VST: Improved behavior when the host reports ambiguous loop info.
  • Fixed a bug when sending events from the composer to deep nested modules that are not processed.
  • Fixed an issue wrt using note key names.
  • The “PreferredAudioRecordingLatencyCompensation” audio setup setting has been moved to the standard preferences panel and can now be changed without having to restart MuLab.
  • On MacOS the “External Audio Editor” preference has been removed until that feature is also implemented. (Windows only feature for now)

The updates are now available to registered users.

More information: MuTools