MuTools has released version 6.2.7 of the MuLab music production studio and MUX modular synth and effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Changes in MuLab / MUX v6.2.7

  • New:
    • New “Event Recorder” module. (MuLab only, not yet in the MUX Modular Plug-In version).
    • New: Each MUX module can have its own custom note key names. These key names can also be imported and exported to a text file.
    • Sequence parts: New “Consolidate” function which renders the loop into a new straightforward sequence and deletes any unplayed events.
    • New function: Sample -> Reload.
  • Improved:
    • Increased the number of events that a VST can send to the host in a single process slice.
    • Doing track -> “Choose Target Module” and dropping a module on a track to set its target are both undoable actions now.
    • Session’s Event Recording Setup: Grid editor field now also includes grid scrolling buttons. (more consistent UI).
    • Scrolling and zooming can now also be done using keyboard shortcuts.
    • New preference “Scrollbar Size”.
    • Event Monitor now also has an event output, events are simply bypassed, but this way the Event Monitor is more usable in a rack.
    • Event Monitor now also has a On/Off switch, and when switched off it pauses monitoring.
    • Audio Envelope Follower: Improved algorithm for converting the audio envelope into a modulation signal. Much more accurate now.
    • The level meter of a mixer strip (of a rack) now is draggable and represents the mixer strip module.
    • MultiSampla: Pitch and filter LFO & ENV Amplitude defaults to 100% instead of 0%.
    • Composer, note editor, multi-sample editor: Shift+click+drag upon a part/note/zone now starts a selection lasso.
    • Browsers: Clicking an object/file previewed it, but only once if it was not already highlighted. Now each click previews it again.
    • While moving markers in composer, audio- and sequence-editor, then the current marker position is displayed in the info box.
    • When saving a preset file using a file name that differs from the object name, the popup question alert now explicitly includes both these different names.
    • File browsers: More file browsers now memorize their last location.
    • Improved support for changing the samplerate or blocksize during a session.
    • MuLab: Finetuned behavior when doing Audio Setup.
    • Previously the whole session was reloaded, including all plug-ins, which also caused editors to close etc.
    • Now the session stays intact and only when the samplerate has changed or blocksize has increased then all plug-ins are updated.
    • MUX Modular Plug-In: Demo version now properly fades to soft noise instead of fading to silence (almost silent noise).
    • MUX Modular Plug-In: VST wrapper: More tight checks on the info given by the host. (eg avoiding negative tempo values from host).
  • Fixed:
    • Sample -> Replace function: Fixed an issue with the markers.
    • When moving rack slot modules, the process on/off tool tip could show an irrelevant “Num Voices”.
    • Pasting a module into a deep modular editor using a keyboard shortcut pasted the module at the far bottom-right of the editor, which was not intended. Now the pasted module is positioned at the mouse position.
    • Fixed an issue with the MUX Modular presets not showing the proper icon in the browser.
    • Fixed a broken link to the docs wrt “Couldn’t save user settings”.
    • Fixed a problem when inserting a new MUX meta-parameter map line.
    • Inactive audio recorders still created a little empty audio file.
    • Non-resizable windows had the “Edit Size” in their context menu, which was irrelevant.
    • Mixing desk open/close state setting was not saved.
    • Lists: When mouse was at top or bottom item, list could unexpectedly make big jumps.
    • Fixed a possible crash bug when inserting a mixer strip into a rack.
    • MUX Modular Plug-In: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash or a hang when clicking the keyboard in the multi-sample editor.

MuLab is available for purchase for 69 EUR; MUX Modular is 59 EUR. A bundle of both costs 99 EUR.

More information: MuTools