MuTools has announced version 5.3 of its MuLab music production system and MUX Vst flexible modular synth and effect plug-in.

Mutools MuLab

The MuLab sound and music production system transforms a computer into an inspiring modular studio.

Changes in MuLab / MUX Vst v5.3

  • Composer:
    • Improved support for multi-track audio recording.
    • Automation parts can now also do MIDI controllers, Aftertouch and Pitch Bend.
    • Support for looped automation parts.
    • Easier handling of automation & modulation envelopes.
    • REX file support.
    • Improved Auto Scroll behavior.
    • New sequence function: Quantize Notes 50%.
    • Mixdown dialog: Added a button to quickly set the From-To to the composition loop.
  • MUX:
    • New “Modular Feedback Delay” module which can have any module in the feedback path, even a MUX, even a VST, even any combi of those.
    • New “TF Lowpass Filter” module.
    • Wobble Modulator: New “Curve” and “Alternating Offset” controls resulting in more control over the resulting wobble.
    • Modular editor now supports lasso select to move, copy and delete multiple modules at once.
    • Improved editing of oscillator super layers.
    • Samples: Added a “Create New Sample From Selection” function.
    • Further enhanced VST compatibility.
  • Common:
    • Floating Window Bar gives more control over the floating windows.
    • Preferences can now be edited in a user friendly way from within the app. See MULAB menu -> Edit Preferences.
    • Almost 50 other little improvements in looks & functionality.

MuLab is available to purchase for 29 EUR (XL) / 69 EUR (UL), MUX Vst is 49 EUR (UL).

More information: Mutools