Mykrasound is offering 3 free VST plugins created with SynthMaker.

Mykrasound Parametric Equaliser 1.0
Parametric Equaliser 1.0

  • 5 bands – high pass, 3 peaking, low pass
  • dragable graphic display, with clean GUI
  • fixed compressor section – suited to drums
  • saturation section for warm overdrive

Mykrasound Stereo Echo 1.0
Stereo Echo 1.0

  • stereo, pingpong and stereo flip modes
  • visual echo pattern display
  • EQ and saturation built into feedback path
  • stereo width and pan settings
  • dry and wet bypass buttons

Mykrasound Chorus 1.0
Chorus 1.0

  • lush stereo chorus effect
  • EQ effect with low and high pass filters
  • phase spread and stereo width settings
  • dry and wet bypass buttons


Visit Mykrasound for more information and links to download these plug-ins.