MyOSS Brute Planet

MyOSS (My Own Solor System) has announced the release of Brute Planet, a free sample pack featuring sounds from the Microbrute synthesizer by Arturia.

I’ve tried to make it sound like dark alien planet described with strange electronic sounds.
It was designed by using minibeast Arturia Microbrute hardware synth as main sound source + some post-processing.

This pack is mostly suitable for electronic music and sci-fi effects for movies and video games.

Brute Planet features

  • Rhythmic – oneshots with “robotic” sound.
  • Convo – dark eveolving atmospheres.
  • Artefacts – oneshot fx with some spectral processing.
  • Drumspoil – drum oneshots generated with software drumsynth but treated with evil Microbrute filter.

The sample pack is a free download at the MyOSS SoundCloud page (free for use in commercial and non-commercial tracks).

More information: MyOSS / Brute Planet