myossound Closer - Organic Tech Loops

myossound has announced the release of Closer – Organic Tech Loops, a new sample pack.

I’ve made this sound pack from different sound sources from hand claps and street noises to synth drums and my own voice.

This pack is mostly suitable for techno \ tech-house genres, but creativity is your weapon.
All samples are 120BPM loops with different lengths, so they will be perfectly synced to a song tempo (timestretch them if needed).

All the original sounds were recorded or synthesized and then processed at 96\24. Then I resampled them to 44.1\24 for common use.

Pack contains several types of drum loops and FX – 230 loops in total.

The pack is available for purchase for $10 USD.

More information: myossound / Closer – Organic Tech Loops