Mystery Islands has announced the release of Virus|HC AudioUnit & VSTi Editor / Librarian Plug-in for Mac.

Virus|HC Librarian Editor AudioUnit & VSTi plugin, our answer to your prays. (HC = Hardware Controller). After several years ago, Access Music introduced their Virus TI synth range, which was boosted up with massive features such as audio stream directly into your DAW via USB and also the Virus plugin. Due to these great features, the most loved editor & librarian program “SoundDiver” was forgotten and many Virus users instantly upgraded to Virus TI and perhaps forgot their Virus A, Virus B or Virus C synth.

Well, it is time to pick those synths up, connect the PSU, audio and MIDI cables! We created the Virus|HC plugin to meet the standards required for DAW-working environments: Edit your Access Virus hardware synth directly from your DAW without flipping thru different applications, organize patches within your plugin window to load, edit and save them directly to your HDD. You can run our plugin in Mac AudioUnit & VSTi format and PC VSTi format (both 32 & 64bit).

Virus|HC Editor plug-in is currently available for Mac (PC coming soon) from Producers Lunchbox, priced at 64.95 EUR.

More information: Mystery Islands