Mystery Islands has released version 1.3.6 of Access Virus|HC AudioUnit & VSTi, the editor & librarian plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Access Virus|HC been updated with “single patch store” functions, fixed “empty slots” issues and more. We are expanding these fixes across all our plugins to date, so if you purchase JP-80×0 or MS2KxR from us, you’ll get these fixes for them as soon as they’re ready :-)

Changes in Access Virus|HC v1.3.6

  • [New] Added option to save single patches from plugin part to librarian.
  • [Fixed] Arp was set to off on VirusTI under certain circumstances.
  • [Update] Outgoing SysEx chunk changed up on plugin load. Data now matches the model selected on “multi settings” tab.
  • [Update] Depth & contrast added to the “selected model” color.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue, where banks were not readable by the plugin if hardware Device ID was bigger than 0.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue, where plugin graphics didn’t update according to hardware data under certain circumstances.
  • [Update] Host tempo sync adjustments.
  • [New] Local off message is sent to hardware up on plugin initialization & up on project recall.
  • [New] Updated Windows virtual MIDI driver.
  • [Update] VirusTI can be used via USB on MAC, but only for MIDI and SysEx streams. Windows not tested.
  • [Fixed] When FM Amount was moved from the hardware, the whole daw crashed.
  • [Fixed] Requesting and sending data works as expected.
  • [Fixed] Delay modes were not displayed properly in TI-series viruses.
  • [Fixed] Part volume sliders work as expected.
  • [Fixed] Librarian now works in Windows platforms as it should. No more empty slots after saving your favorite bank / requested bank.
  • [New] Added RAM A-D and Rom A-Z slots to librarian page for TI models.
  • [Update] Improved the whole patch receiving scenario to make it faster and smoother.

Access Virus|HC is available for purchase for 49.95 EUR.

More information: Mystery Islands