NanoSystem NanoLaunchpad

NanoSystem has introduced NanoLaunchpad, a music app for Android.

NanoLaunchpad is an application that allows you to create music as a real Launchpad.

NanoLaunchpad features 36 pads with the ability to assign them their own sounds. Feel like a real producer making music in real time! The first such application for Android!

Changes in NanoLaunchpad v1.1

  • Ability to load samples from the application.
  • Added two modes of pads: one hit, loop.
  • Added constant illumination of pads while playing a sample.
  • Fixed an issue with stuttering sound after a drag of pad.
  • Fixed an issue with double sample playback on slower devices.
  • Completely rewritten application.
  • Decreased response time to touch up to ~ 10ms.
  • Small changes in graphics.
  • Added support for low-resolution screens.

NanoLaunchpad for Android is a free download at Google Play.

Visit NanoLaunchpad for more information.