Native Instruments KORE PLAYER

Native Instruments has announced KORE PLAYER and four new KORE SOUNDPACKS.

KORE PLAYER is a free software instrument designed for use with KORE SOUNDPACKS. Built on the same principles as the flagship KORE 2 Super Instrument, KORE PLAYER includes six Native Instruments sound engines under the hood and provides ready-to-play sounds that can be browsed and tweaked via the ultra-intuitive KORE PLAYER interface. Adding new sounds is as easy as purchasing and downloading affordable KORE SOUNDPACKS.

KORE PLAYER features

  • Free and intuitive sound module, instantly expandable with KORE SOUNDPACKS.
  • Based on KORE 2, offering all features to load and play KORE SOUNDPACKS.
  • Includes six NI audio engines*: KONTAKT, REAKTOR, MASSIVE, GUITAR RIG, FM8, ABSYNTH.
  • Small selection of premium sounds included.
  • KoreSound® Browser finds any sound by the desired musical characteristics.
  • Consolidated user interface with unified operation for all audio engines.
  • 8 knobs and 8 buttons make complex tweaking actions a breeze.
  • Up to 8 sound variations per sound with unique sound morphing.
  • Automation and Total Recall in the audio host/sequencer.
  • Knobs and buttons can be controlled via any MIDI controller box.

* With KORE PLAYER the included sounds plus sounds from the KORE SOUNDPACKS can be used and tweaked via the KORE PLAYER interface. No access to the individual user interfaces of the included audio engines.


KORE SOUNDPACKS are an affordable, ultra-convenient way to instantly further expand the sonic scope of KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER. Each pack contains a wealth of sounds that fully utilize the built-in audio engines.

The following new KORE SOUNDPACKS have been announced at the NAMM show (to be released soon).

Native Instruments KORE SOUNDPACKS

POP DRUMS, featuring two full acoustic drum kits, sampled at the highest studio-quality. The pack includes several KoreSounds with internal KORE effects, sound variations for different musical situations, and a selection of MIDI grooves for the creation of great-sounding pop drums. This pack can also be used with the BATTERY 3 and KONTAKT 3 full versions ($79 USD / 69 EUR).

Best of ABSYNTH, featuring 200 of the most stunning sounds from all versions of ABSYNTH, including strikingly beautiful pads, soundscapes, and keyboard sounds. All sounds have been upgraded with ABSYNTH 4 controller assignments and brought to a new level of flexibility with 1600 sound variations ($59 USD / 49 EUR).

KONTAKT SAX & BRASS, features the saxophones, trumpets and trombones from the KONTAKT 3 library (recorded by Chris Hein). Adding several KORE features like internal KORE effects, this pack also features new Big Band harmonisation tools. Dedicated to both solo and section playing, KONTAKT SAX & BRASS is perfect for all kinds of contemporary horn scoring for jazz, funk and soul music ($59 USD / 49 EUR).

MASSIVE EXPANSIONS VOL. 1, providing 200 brand-new MASSIVE sounds, not contained in the MASSIVE library. Includes 1600 sound variations. This fat, powerful new material can not only be used with KORE PLAYER and KORE 2, but also with the MASSIVE full version (but without sound variations) ($59 USD / 49 EUR).

KORE PLAYER will be released in March as a free download.

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