Native Instruments has announced an update to the Guitar Rig Pro 6 multi-effects rack and amp simulator for Windows and Mac.

The latest version brings two essential effects — a sparkling, pitch-shifting reverb in Replika Shimmer, and the versatile delay workflow of Replika GR. Also packed in is Driver, a distortion filter that adds an extra layer of texture to any sound.

The update also includes 144 new rack presets including artist presets from Kerry (Deafheaven), Dana Ruh, DannyBoyStyles, Tim Lefebvre, Brent Paschke (N.E.R.D/Jerry Stringer), Yuyoyuppe and FangDe (STOLEN).

Changes in Guitar Rig Pro 6

  • New components: Replika GR, Replika Shimmer, Driver.
  • 144 new rack presets including artist presets.
  • Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste to rack context menu.
  • Maschine / Komplete Kontrol controller pages are now also mapped to macros for all factory library presets.
  • Custom tags can be created via the Info Pane. Once created, a user tag will appear in the browser.
  • User presets have a visual indicator in the Browser results list.
  • User presets can be deleted from the Browser context menu.
  • Hold mode to Macro controls.
  • New and revised keyboard commands.
  • “Show Preset in Finder/Explorer” added to Browser context menu.
  • Pinning Component Tiles.
  • Touchscreen Mode can now be activated in Preference.
  • Fixed: Sound dropouts when using Rack Tools button.
  • Fixed: Factory presets contained macros assigned to fixed components.
  • Fixed: Guitar Rig would crash on shutdown if the browser was still scanning.
  • Fixed: Keyboard input would be ignored on startup of standalone until the main window was clicked.
  • Fixed: It was possible to paste the rack clipboard into text fields.
  • Fixed: It was not always possible to reset Macro names.
  • Fixed: Focus now follows the cursor when editing macro names.
  • Fixed: Various minor errors in Factory Presets.
  • Fixed: Rig Kontrol would not start correctly in MIDI mode.
  • Fixed: Intermittent crash when saving a preset if multiple instances are running.
  • Fixed: Error message presented if presets cannot be loaded / silent failure avoided.
  • Fixed: Renaming a user created preset has immediate effect.
  • Fixed: Info Pane remains visible when adjusting height of plug-in window.
  • Fixed: Clicking pen icon in Info Pane now highlights title field for editing (user presets only).
  • Fixed: Tapedeck playhead jumps ahead on start.
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes with Global FX and Container while loading component presets, adding new components and using undo and redo.
  • Fixed: Transport keyboard commands no longer blocked by plugin.
  • Fixed: Sledgehammer parameter TREBLE was mislabeled MID.
  • Fixed: Component Presets now have defined order.
  • Fixed: Convolution components causing audio crackles upon start up when being modulated without the ui open.
  • Fixed: Using keyboard shortcuts in text fields.
  • Improved: Delay confirming User Preset renaming.
  • Improved: Truncation of text entry in Info Pane.
  • Improved: Now showing a preset scanning progress bar instead of the preset names.
  • Improved: Smoother crossfading on Matched Cabinet Pro between cabinet and room IRs.
  • Removed: Keyboard input in plugin mode.
  • Known issue (Windows 10 VST/AAX only): HiDPI scaling does not work correctly which results in lower resolution graphics.
  • Known issue (Windows 10 standalone only): When using multiple screens with scaling of 150% or more the GUI may be drawn incorrectly or not at all.
  • Known issue: Dragging from a HiDPI screen to a non-HiDPI screen can result in lower quality graphics. Closing/reopening GUI on the same screen will fix this.

The update is available to owners of Guitar Rig Pro 6 from the Native Access application.

More information: Native Instruments