Native Instruments has announced some of the latest additions to the selection of instruments available at its NKS partner shop.

We’re proud to bring you these very latest additions to our NKS partner shop, with a world of stunning choirs, futuristic synthesisers, experimental percussion, and steampunk soundscapes.

  • Wide Blue Sound Elysium: A huge range of sounds, with synths, keys, live percussion and even a string ensemble. With a built-in sequencer and effects, it’s perfect for undulating arpeggios and ethereal pads.
  • Cymatic Form Acousmatic Engine: An eerie world of Gothic influenced textures, pulses, and melodies, with ultra-modern parameter controls for crafting film, game and music compositions.
  • Soniccouture All Saints Choir: The meticulously recorded sound of a 32-voice choir, with separate soprano, alto, tenor, and bass sections, all in an intuitive instrument with true polyphonic legato.
  • Sonixinema Hang Drum – Experiments: A never-before captured set of hang drum articulations, recorded from expert performances with a range of mic positionings, for uniquely percussive melodies and rhythms.
  • Soundiron Hopkin Lamellophones: A diverse assortment of 17 musical instruments from legendary avant-garde inventor Bart Hopkin, all with a range of articulations and effects, for unique soundscapes.

More information: Native Instruments