Native Instruments has announced the release of updates for its Kontakt 6 virtual sampler instrument and Creator Tools standalone application dedicated to improving the library creation and editing process.

Creator Tools 1.1 introduces the new GUI Designer tool, allowing creators to assemble, customize, and reuse KONTAKT performance views and controls without the need to write code.

With KONTAKT 6.1, a new Inharmonic mode has been added to the wavetable module, stretching partials away from the harmonic series for more bell-like tones.

Changes in Kontakt v6.1

  • Added: There is a new wavetable mode (Inharmonic) that stretches the partials away from the harmonic series for more bell-like tones.
  • Added KSP: Kontakt can now import whole performance views as NCKP files (that can be made with Creator Tools) through the new load_performance_view() command.
  • Added KSP: A new UI control container has been added (ui_panel).
  • Added: Kontakt now automatically picks up changes in the following subfolders of the resource container: scripts & performance_view; editing and saving any of those files results in an instant update of the related Kontakt instrument without the need to reset the engine via the panic (!) button in the header.
  • Added KSP: The Retrigger button on modulators can now be controlled via KSP ($CONTROL_PAR_INTMOD_RETRIGGER).
  • Added KSP: The waveform display now has two new drawing modes ($CONTROL_PAR_WF_VIS_MODE, with $NI_WF_VIS_MODE_1, $NI_WF_VIS_MODE_2 & $NI_WF_VIS_MODE_3 as potential values).
  • Fixed: Slices from imported REX files would not be recognized.
  • Fixed: The labels for the Lo Shelf and Hi Damp controls in the Plate Reverb were inverted.
  • Fixed KSP: There were some missing getters for newly added control parameters around custom fonts (e.g. $CONTROL_PAR_FONT_TYPE_ON_HOVER).
  • Fixed KSP: There were some missing getters for $CONTROL_PAR_TEXT for certain controls.
  • Fixed: Zone volume changes from the Creator Tools Instrument Editor were not predictable when higher values were used.
  • Fixed: Sorting of files in the Library tab wouldn’t be predictable on APFS disks.
  • Fixed KSP: search() would not work on ui_tables.
  • Fixed: Host automation would break for ui_switch elements in many cases.
  • Fixed: It was possible to set the delay time for Replika to values that would cause instabilities.
  • Fixed: Kontakt would crash when loading certain 3rd party products (like those in the Shreddage 3 series).
  • Fixed: Kontakt would crash or hang when attempting to change note mapping on GGD Matt Halpern Signature Pack.
  • Fixed: The wavetable oscillator would sound “darker” on certain pitches.
  • Fixed KSP: Color settings for level meters would not take effect if applied outside the init callback.
  • Fixed KSP: The hide state of ui_file_selector appeared to be wrong when queried via get_control_par().
  • Fixed: The group source mode parameter is no longer saved in snapshots; snapshots saved with older versions are recalled as they always did.
  • Fixed: Kontakt would crash when pressing the End key in the File Browser (Windows only).
  • Fixed KSP: In certain cases, the wavetable display UI widget would not be displayed on first load of an instrument.
  • Known issue KSP: In certain cases, the ui_file_selector element reverts to its base path, forgetting the last selected file.

Changes in Creator Tools v1.1.0

  • Added: GUI Designer: A new tool that enables the declaration and editing of full performance views without the need to write KSP.
  • Added: GUI Designer: Individual controls can be exported and imported for cross-project use.
  • Added: GUI Designer: A test instrument can now be found in the Factory Content folder next to the Creator Tools application.
  • Added: GUI Designer: The new engine parameter for the waveform display (drawing mode) is now also available here.
  • Added: Error messages are now more informative.
  • Added: GUI Designer: It is now possible to drag and drop NCKP files from the OS to the GUI Designer to open them.
  • Added: Instrument Editor: It is now possible to drag and drop LUA files from the OS to the Instrument Editor to open them.
  • Added: All info boxes and context menus now include key shortcuts where relevant.
  • Changed: The Quick Tour is now updated to reflect the changes in v1.1.0.

The updates are available now in Native Access.

More information: Native Instruments