Native Instruments has announced today marks the first year of the Stems multi-track format for DJing with savings on the Stems-ready Traktor Kontrol S5 all-in-one DJ system and Traktor Kontrol D2 professional deck controller.

NI Stems Anniversary 2016

Until May 31, 2016, DJs can save 200 $/€ on the purchase of each of these controllers to upgrade their setup and explore the possibilities that mixing with Stem files offers. Since the new format was announced on March 2015, Stems-ready hardware like the S5 and D2, enhanced TRAKTOR software support, and thousands of official releases on a growing repertoire of labels have contributed to the expansion of Stems.

The newest member of the Stems-ready family of TRAKTOR controllers, TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 is the all-in-one DJ system designed to provide everything modern DJing demands. Its’ built-in soundcard, four channels, touch sensitive controls, and high-res displays put familiar hardware control, fluid touch-and-see workflow, and customized Stems control into a compact and comprehensive DJ experience. When a Stem file is loaded onto a deck, individual stems are automatically mapped to the color-coded performance pads and loop encoders for instant control.

For even more portable TRAKTOR control on the road, the modular TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 pro performance deck controller offers in-depth Stems control and flexible connectivity with mixers, soundcards, and other hardware found in club setups – ideal for the touring DJ. TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 features one high-res display, touch-sensitive controls and performance faders and encoders for dedicated control of Stems. And two D2 units can be chained using the integrated USB hub to simplify set up. TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 and D2 include the flagship TRAKTOR PRO 2 software and take advantage of the Stem View both on the hardware displays – and now also in TRAKTOR’s software interface thanks to the latest update.

DJs can start playing Stems right away with 1.5 GB worth of free Stems tracks available for download from The package includes 65 high-quality Stem files of varying tempos and genres derived from selected MASCHINE Expansions.

Traktor Kontrol S5 is available for $599 USD/599 EUR/£439 GBP and Traktor Kontrol D2 is $299 USD/299 EUR//£219 GBP. The special offer ends May 31st, 2016, while stocks last.

More information: Native Instruments