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Native Instruments Massive X synthesizer to be released in June 2019


Native Instruments has announced that the release of its upcoming Massive X synthesizer instrument has been delayed.

Previously slated for February, the release of the entirely new instrument is now pushed back to June 2019.

NI Massive X screen

Back in September we announced that MASSIVE X would arrive in February. Unfortunately, when building such a complex instrument, things can take longer than expected, so we’ve taken the difficult decision to delay the release until June.

When MASSIVE X arrives, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait. In the meantime, we’ve updated our site with the very first GUI images, and answered your most common questions. And we’ll be releasing more details over the coming weeks, plus updates and inside info from the development team.

Native Instruments has shared some more details on the synth:

  • Two wavetable oscillators with two phase modulators provide the main sound source, while three additional syncable oscillators are available.
  • A new routing section offers a freely patchable audio routing matrix. It features a new feedback bus, audio rate filter modulation bus, the use of modulators as audio sources, and more.
  • An amplitude envelope and eight configurable modulators allow for creation of complex, dynamic modulation with ease.
  • Automation-style modulation sequencers called “Performers” feature powerful grid and drawing tools.
  • 16 freely assignable macros, pitch-bend, mod wheel and aftertouch.

Native Instruments will be releasing more details over the coming weeks, plus updates and inside info from the development team.

More information: Native Instruments

NI Massive X performers

NI Massive X mod

NI Massive X routing

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1 year ago

They were so eager to release Massive X by February, but reversing serum binary took too long

New Loops
New Loops
1 year ago

Look amazing!

1 year ago

Awesome design