Native Instruments has launched the NKS Vocal Special, offering up to 80% off on a collection of vocal and choir instruments from some of its partners.

We’ve brought together the biggest voices in virtual vocals to give you instruments that evoke different eras, worlds, and styles – at up to 80% off. Offer ends soon.

The sale includes the Soundiron Vocal Suite, an exclusive bundle of five instruments.

The human voice is one of the most powerful instruments we have, and Soundiron is one of the most innovative plug-in developers able to capture its wide-ranging beauty. The Soundiron Vocal Suite is an exclusive bundle that brings together five versatile solo and choir instruments that span across soprano, alto, tenor, and bass ranges – giving your music intensity, subtlety, and excitement.

The bundle is on sale for 179 USD/EUR (regular 895 USD/EUR).

A selection of individual vocals instruments from Heavyocity, Cinesamples, and Audiobro are up to 50% off.

From the dawn of the Viking Age, right up to the here and now, these tools give you the ability to recreate voices from the past, present, and near future. Get each instrument at up to 50% off.

The sale includes:

  • Audiobro Genesis Children’s Choir, an elite 64-piece multi-ensemble children’s choir that is like having four real-legato choirs in one.
  • Cinesamples Voices of War – Men of the North, a distant battle cry from a mythical world – the legendary era of the Vikings.
  • Cinesamples VOXOS Epic Choirs, an epic full choir, a 15-piece boys choir, soprano and boy soloists, an innovative Phrase Builder, and more.
  • Heavyocity Mosaic Voices – From epic to intimate, synthetic to soulful, Mosaic Voices gives you a full range of vocal sources designed for modern scoring, electronica, and pop.

The offer expires August 25th, 2019.

More information: Native Instruments