Native Instruments Absynth Twilights

Native Instruments has released Absynth Twilights, a new KORE SoundPack.

ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS contains 200 additional ABSYNTH presets including 1,600 sound variations that range from ethereal, enchanting pads to dark and foreboding soundscapes. You will find both tonal and atonal evolving atmospheres conjuring up everything from heavenly to nightmarish ambiences. Perfect for game designers, score producers and ambient electronic musicians. All sounds make extensive use of ABSYNTH’s flexible multi-stage envelopes and outstanding sound shaping features, giving you truly unique sonic textures for your productions.

Absynth Twilights features

  • 200 KoreSounds (+ 1,600 sound variations)
  • Pads and soundscapes of various types.
  • Derived from Camel Audio /Biolab’s “Absynth Sounds” series, but cannot be found in the KORE 2 or ABSYNTH 4 factory libraries.

Absynth Twilights is available as a download for $59 USD / €49 EUR.

Visit Native Instruments for more information and audio demos.