Native Instruments has announced its new Expansion series pack Anima Ascent, a collection of ultra-modern pop sounds with a genre-defying blend of trap, R&B, and soul.

Popped percussion kits meet multisampled vintage synths, hybrid keys, and video game sounds in this expansion by Ivory Bull, whose collaborators include Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Charli XCX, and many more.

Pop ain’t what it used to be – the old guard are gone, now the underdogs, bedroom producers, and sonic misfits run the show. ANIMA ASCENT goes out to the genre-bending contemporary pop that’s grabbed the mainstream by its lapels and dragged it into a new world of underground sound.

Percussion cues from hard-hitting trap and rolling R&B pack a punchy production aesthetic, while vintage synths, emotive guitars, and bold hybrid keys keep the movement’s diverse melodic sensibility on lock. Pioneered by the likes of Billie Eilish, Halsey, Cautious Clay, and others, it’s pop – but not as you might know it.

Anima Ascent includes 47 Battery kits and 40 Maschine kits, 411 loops, and 70 patches for Massive, Prism and Monark.

It is available for purchase for $49 USD / 49 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments