Native Instruments has launched Electric Sunburst, a new Session Guitarist series virtual guitar instrument for Kontakt and Kontakt Player.

Created in collaboration with drumasonic, the instrument features a perfectly captured, playable electric guitar with innovative realistic picking, riff, and strumming. It comes with 154 patterns to suit a wide range of styles.

Native Instruments Electric Sunburst screen

Discover a beautifully-sampled and playable electric guitar, tailor-made for contemporary productions.

The latest addition to the successful SESSION GUITARIST series, ELECTRIC SUNBURST combines 154 playable patterns, riffs, and arpeggios with realistic performance controls: Advanced picking engine, selectable fret position, articulations such as plectrum, finger, harmonics, and more.

From rock and blues to soundtracks and electronica, energize your productions with stunning electric guitar tracks.

Electric Sunburst is available for purchsae for 99 EUR/USD.

More information: Native Instruments