Native Instruments has launched its latest expansion pack Faded Reels, a collection of chilled-out lo-fi beats that captures the hazy aesthetics of lo-fi Hip Hop.

A collaboration with MSXII, the pack includes 50 Maschine kits and 59 Battery kits, including live bass, guitars, synths, and keys, processed using tape and hardware samplers.

The lo-fi takeover is here. With fuzzy chords, cozy keys, dusty drums, and pastel textures, FADED REELS comes packed with all the sounds you need to create the perfect vibe.

Recorded using a mix of live instruments, classic hardware and boutique outboard FX, all sounds have been resampled to tape or hardware samplers for maximum warmth and soul.

Faded Reels features

  • 295 loops.
  • 342 drum samples: 81 hi-hats, 73 percussion, 60 snares, 84 kicks, 18 claps, 7 cymbals, 8 shakers, 11 toms.
  • 427 one shots.
  • 50 Maschine kits.
  • 59 Battery kits.
  • 14 Massive presets.
  • 7 Monark presets.
  • Maschine exclusive: 20 sample instruments, 9 projects, 251+ patterns.

Also available is the new Play Series instrument Lo-Fi Glow, featuring hazy melodic textures including keys, synths, guitars, and bass recorded and processed for lo-fi warmth.

NI LoFi Glow

It comes with over 150 tweakable presets, perfect for Hip Hop, House, Electronica, and beyond. The Play Series instrument for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player lets you sculpt tones with powerful sound design tools, effects, macro editors, and more.

The fuzz of tape. The dirt of distortion. When sounds get a little rougher, something magical happens – that’s LO-FI GLOW.

To create this instrument, vintage synths, keys, organs, guitars, and bass, were recorded in the highest quality, then processed through effects pedals, tape decks, and samplers like the SP-404 – resulting in distinctive sounds for instant lo-fi melodics.

Faded Reels and Lo-Fi Glow are $49 USD / 49 EUR each. Until 16 March, 2020, you can buy one and get the other one at 50% off.

More information: Native Instruments