Native Instruments has released season one of KOMPLETE TruTorials, a series of videos on the Komplete instruments and effects.

Following in the footsteps of the ever-popular MASCHINE TruTorials series, each video explains an inspirational sonic tip or trick using KOMPLETE instruments and effects in 90 seconds or less. The sounds featured take inspiration from a current wave of forward-thinking electronic producers, many of whom recently contributed to season one of NI’s Komplete Sketches.

Each video takes the form of an annotated step-by-step method for creating an inspiring sound using Native Instruments instruments and effects. Featured products include MASSIVE, FORM, REPLIKA XT, REAKTOR Blocks, and FM8. For videos in which a more detailed understanding of the process may be helpful, accompanying Knowledge Base articles are provided.

KOMPLETE TruTorials tracklist

  1. Snapshot Switchup: Rhythmically switch between snapshots in REAKTOR instruments.
  2. Lost in Space: Turn a piano riff into an ethereal pad with UNA CORDA.
  3. Shapeshift & Switch: Use FORM to transform one sample into multiple synth patches, then switch between them on the fly.
  4. Arpeggi8: Create happy accidents with randomized arpeggios in FM8.
  5. Apocalyptic Kick: Use REPLIKA XT to transform a kick drum sample into squealing pad texture.
  6. Mighty Morphing: Morph seamlessly between different sounds in ROUNDS.
  7. The Vocalizer: Transform your vocals with the GUITAR RIG 5 PRO Harmonic Synthesizer and REFLEKTOR reverb.
  8. Roll the Dice: Load your own samples into POLYPLEX, create random kit variations, and cycle through them with MIDI.
  9. The Jackhammer: Use LFOs to create an abrasive, percussive sub bass in MASSIVE.
  10. Modular Mangling: Add dynamic modulation to any track using REAKTOR Blocks as an effects framework.
  11. Glitch ‘n’ Go: Use MIDI to apply glitch effects in real time with THE FINGER.
  12. Out of the Aether: Create harmonic clouds of grain delay with the Aetherizer effect in ABSYNTH 5.

More information: Native Instruments / KOMPLETE TruTorials