Native Instruments has announced the release of Headland Flow, a new expansion pack that fuses thick grooves from traditional drum machines with live, funky breaks, R&B-flavored instrumentation, and gritty percussion to bring Southern hip hop’s musical jambalaya to Maschine.

Native Instruments Headland Flow

A versatile toolkit, HEADLAND FLOW has been painstakingly recorded. Each vintage drum set was surrounded by over a dozen different mics all running from an analog mixing board to a stereo bus compressor, giving each hit a penetrating sound that feels like it came from vinyl itself.

Legendary bass and electric guitars provide an authentic, analog vibe, while vintage keyboards add distinctively old school melodic elements.
This combines an analog, R&B-flavored sound pallette with the power and flexibility of MASCHINE.

Unlike its sample-driven cousins in New York and California, this regional variety of hip hop distinguishes itself with soulful keys, bluesy bass lines, and funky breaks played by live musicians on top of traditional drum machine programming. And although Houston and New Orleans helped lay the groundwork, the epicenter of the “Dirty South”
was at the corner of Headland and Delowe, in the heart of Atlanta’s East Point neighborhood.

Headland Flow features

  • 51 Kits.
  • 7 Projects.
  • 21 Instruments.
  • 24 Massive presets, 31 Drum Synth patches, 7 Monark patches, 12 Reaktor Prism patches.
  • 209 patterns in total.
  • Sample breakdowns: 129 instruments / 421 drums / 293 one shots / 24 loops.
  • 248 MB total library size.

Headland Flow for Maschine 2 software is available for purchase for $49 USD / 49 EUR / £44 GBP. A compact version is available as an iMaschine Expansion, priced at $0.99 USD / 0.99 EUR / £0.79 GBP.

More information: Native Instruments / Headland Flow