Native Instruments has announced that MASCHINE now comes with Ableton Link integration, allowing for simple, reliable syncing with any other supported audio software.

A short performance demo, shot at the famous Riverside Studios Berlin, shows off the integration of the Link music app syncing technology in the latest TRAKTOR PRO 2 and MASCHINE 2 updates.

Native Instruments President, Mate Galic says: “TRAKTOR has always provided features that went beyond traditional DJing and offered unique ways to play with music. Link integration in TRAKTOR and MASCHINE opens new doors for creative expression, extending DJ performance set-ups with production tools for even more personalized and engaging performances. It will also allow for seamless collaboration between multiple users and champion hybrid set ups between DJing and electronic music live performances. The true potential of this feature lies in the hands of our users, who constantly impress us by expressing themselves through our products in inventive and creative ways.”

Syncing with Ableton Link can be done by clicking a button in each application, whether locally on one machine or over wired and wireless networks. Jamming together with multiple DJ setups is now a reality, and producers looking to expand their performance tools need look no further than the TRAKTOR and MASCHINE family of products.

All apps with Link integration will sync perfectly with TRAKTOR & MASCHINE, whether on iOS, or desktop. Change the tempo within any application and the rest will stay in time. Both producers and DJs can explore the growing library of Link-enabled apps and with industry-standard music production and DJ software like Serato DJ, Max MSP adding Link support, MASCHINE and TRAKTOR PRO not only offer everything performers need, but will open up opportunities for artists to have a powerful and flexible audio software solution.

The MASCHINE JAM performance controller is now the perfect companion to TRAKTOR for DJ performance, and provides a powerful tool for creating beats and rhythms live. In the studio, Jam also brings a new level of integration with DAWs such as Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live, and FL Studio, to make the workflow even smoother. The controller editor comes with specifically designed templates so the user can interact with the DAW software direct from the Jam interface and easily switch between controlling the MASCHINE software and controlling the DAW.

MASCHINE 2.5.5 is out now on Native Access, and TRAKTOR PRO 2.11 is out now on the Service Center as free updates to existing users.

Native Instruments has also published a short video filmed at ADE 2016 of Pan-Pot live at the Second State label party, De Marktkantine, performing with their TRAKTOR PRO setup and the new Step Sequencer for Remix Decks.

Following the introduction of the new Step Sequencer for Remix Decks in TRAKTOR PRO 2.11, techno duo Pan-Pot took to the stage behind two pairs of KONTROL D2s and a KONTROL F1 to demonstrate just what the feature can add to a DJ set. Tassilo and Thomas used the Step Sequencer extensively throughout their performance to whip up the 1,500-strong crowd with frantic energy.

As part of the launch of the video, Native Instruments is releasing four TRAKTOR Remix Sets, optimized specially for the step sequencer, with a variety of sounds to suit any style of electronic music.

  • Molten Veil – Step Sequencer Drum Sounds: Underground techno sound samples picked from UMEK’s library by the man himself.
  • Motor Impact – Step Sequencer Drum Sounds: A collection revealing the rich tapestry of Detroit’s musical influence.
  • Techno & House Percussion Vol. 01 – Step Sequencer Drum Sounds: An eclectic collection of percussive samples, designed for a wide range of electronic music genres.
  • Techno & House Kickdrums Vol. 01 – Step Sequencer Drum Sounds: A wide variety of kickdrum samples to enhance any electronic music DJ set.

To start TRAKTOR users off with the Step Sequencer for Remix Decks, a free Remix Set collection of one-shot samples, Step Sequencer Essentials, is available for download on the Native Instruments website.

TRAKTOR users can easily create Remix Sets by following the guide using MASCHINE 2 software, on the Native Instruments website. Native Instruments is working with select third party sound designers, producers, and other content creators looking to release their own Remix Sets and encourages creators to get in touch to discuss promotion.

The Step Sequencer optimized Remix sets will be available in select digital music stores.

More information: Native Instruments