Native Instruments URBAN ARSENAL

Native Instruments has released URBAN ARSENAL, a new KORE SOUNDPACK providing a complete hip-hop production toolkit.

URBAN ARSENAL steps up with a trunk full of ready-made groove construction kits, drums and instruments; all pre-mastered and primed for use in today’s urban productions.


  • Beat Generation – the groove construction factory
    The beating heart of URBAN ARSENAL is the integrated groove section. The on-board groove construction tool offers over 15,000 groove variations covering many urban music styles. 1,000 drum sounds form the basis for the 40 groove sets and 32 drum kits, all of which have been newly recorded using premium quality outboard gear, and are pre-mastered for instant use in your productions. URBAN ARSENAL also contains sounds produced by professional beat-makers Sonic Specialists, an exclusive human beatbox kit by Mando, and beat programming from the renowned hip-hop producer, Montana Beats.
  • Samples With Attitude – 50 new KONTAKT instruments
    URBAN ARSENAL contains 50 completely new sampled KONTAKT instruments, including brass, strings, bass, leads, pads, guitars, world instruments, piano and many sampled scratches. Several of these instruments were cut to dubplate and resampled for that extra-warm and soulful vinyl sound. Each multi-layered instrument is pre-processed for convenient load and play, and primed to deliver an authentic punch to your tracks.
  • Razor Sharp Synths – fresh MASSIVE sounds
    70 new and unique MASSIVE sounds, perfectly tailored for urban tracks, have been created and tweaked for this KORE SOUNDPACK. This arsenal is fully stocked with a range of huge saw-lead synth sounds, deep and funky brass, floor shaking sub-basses, soulful pads, and shiny bells and mallets, plus FX. If you own MASSIVE, these sounds can also be used in the standalone version.

URBAN ARSENAL is available for download from the NI online store for $119 / €99 EUR.

Visit Native Instruments for more information and audio demos.