Native Instruments has released version 5.6.6 of Kontakt, its flagship software sampler featuring a sophisticated sound engine, wide array of effects, powerful modulation possibilities, and advanced scripting.

NI Kontakt 5

This update brings a much-requested return to full key coloring on the virtual keyboard, making switch placements and sound and sample type positions clearer. It also fixes some rare but troublesome bugs.

Changes in Kontakt v5.6.6

  • Improved the On-Screen Keyboard’s color legibility based on user feedback.
  • XY Pad: Individual cursors can now be hidden via KSP ($HIDE_PART_CURSOR).
  • The customized string representation of parameter values in XY Pad is now shared with the host correctly.
  • Updating the value of a cursor from within the control’s callback is now reliable in XY Pad.
  • No longer any potential crashes when trying to view the Host Automation tab with certain NKIs loaded.
  • Crash when trying to view the Infos (sic) tab of the Instrument Options dialog with certain NKIs now fixed.
  • Certain NKIs no longer trigger the “Really quit…” dialog every time they were closed.

The update is available from the Native Access app.

More information: Native Instruments / Kontakt