Native Instruments REAKTOR 5

Native Instruments has updated their versatile sound studio REAKTOR to version 5.1.

Alongside numerous improvements, this latest version offers a wide range of new and updated instruments and sounds – the total number of synthesizers, samplers and effects included has risen to a staggering total of 63! Registered REAKTOR 5 users can download the update for free from the update manager.

REAKTOR 5.1 now includes the brand-new synthesizers Equinoxe Deluxe, FM4, 2Osc and Gaugear, the innovative SQx and Snapper sequencers, as well as four specialized core cells courtesy of Tim Exile. Beyond that, REAKTOR 5.1 offers optimized versions of the Massive, Oki Computer, FlatBlaster and Splitter ensembles.

Check Native Instruments for more information.