Native Instruments has updated the Thrill real-time cinematic tension instrument for Kontakt and Kontakt Player.

The version 1.1 update includes additional presets, new sound sources, and new features such as ‘The Hacker’, an automatic volume modulator for chopped, stuttering sounds.

Three videos explain the new features and outline THRILL’s uniquely powerful Cluster Designer and Randomizer. Watch today, and discover how THRILL can add suspense to your scores, soundtracks, and sound design.

Thrill features

  • Score in real-time with smart X-Y tension control.
  • 1,038 production-ready orchestral and hybrid sound sources.
  • Design clusters with unparalleled depth.
  • Includes 395 Master snapshots, 687 Thrill Presets, 145 Cluster presets.
  • 31.6 GB (equalling 42.6 GB uncompressed samples).

Thrill is currently on sale at 50% off, priced at 149.50 EUR as part of a Thanksgiving XXL sale.

Maschine updated

Native Instruments has also released version 2.6.11 of Maschine, its groove production system.

Changes in Maschine v2.6.11

  • Added: Route the Line Outputs to the Headphones from within the software or from the hardware.
  • Added: Increased pad sensitivity.
  • Added: Adjust screen, button and pad brightness directly from the hardware.
  • Added: Adjust audio interface and MIDI settings directly from the hardware.
  • Added: Adjust pad sensitivity control directly from the hardware.
  • Fixed: Velocity issues when hitting multiple pads at a time (Requires FW 1.4.1).
  • Fixed: Multiple events for one hit on the pads (Requires FW 1.4.1).

The update is now available for download from Native Access.

The upcoming Maschine 2.7 is scheduled for release in December.

This update will include the first round of some highly-requested and anticipated features for playing loops with real-time time-stretching. Check the NI Blog for more details on the future of audio in Maschine.

More information: Native Instruments